Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joining the Club

I must first confess to the participants of this blog that I always feel like a second-hand English major. Growing up, I spent hours upon hours reading Christian romance novels (where the couple would live purely and inevitably get married in the end) and failed to educate myself with even the most basic of classic literature. I still have no answer to the traditional English major question of "who's your favorite author?" Perhaps some day I'll discover my true passion. I am currently drinking a cup of tea while writing this, though, so perhaps that will return some English points to my name. ;)

While there is no particular point to this note, I would like to reveal some English-themed irony. Last fall, I submitted two papers for the Sigma Tau Delta conference. Last year, unfortunately, the conference rejected my paper. This year, however, (while in London), I received an email reporting that they accepted my nonfiction piece. A few weeks later, I got a second email that informed me that my second research paper was only accepted conditionally (and yes, I do believe it was in italics). The research paper was one that I wrote in Dr. Epley's British Lit class sophomore year and one of which I was exceedingly proud, (be proud of the fact that I wrote that without ending in a preposition...).

The humor resides in the fact that the nonfiction piece came from an situation I experienced this past summer. I wrote about it for the pure reason of posting it on Facebook. Yes, the paper I submitted with all of the beauty of a Facebook note was immediately accepted to an international conference for college English honors society. The other paper which I spent hours and hours of research on was only accepted conditionally. A bit ironic, eh?

Ah well, perhaps college is polluting all of our natural abilities and leaves us with uniformed styles. ;) I miss all of you English types in London. Y'all'd (oh yeah, I used it) better come back with a touch of british accents!


Anna said...

Yay for Minneapolis, skipping school, and facebook notes. :)

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